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Ocean Coral & Turquesa Wedding Riveria Maya

Ocean Coral & Turquesa Resort is located in the Riveria Maya just South of Cancun! An amazing location for a wedding day and our photographers would love to come and capture and create some artistis and unique images for you!

Kayla & Jay Review:

When we decided to have a destination wedding we knew our pictures would be amazing, but we didn't know who we wanted to capture these moments for us. I googled photographer in the Mayan Riviera and that's when I found Moments that Matter, There was his story on his website of how he watched slides with his father as a child and always had a passion for photography and then decided to move from Canada and pursue his dream in Mexico. I gotta admire that! I met my husband in Cuba and I am English and lived in England and he is Canadian living in Canada. I know how hard and scary it is to move your whole life to pursue what you love, trust me I did it. He updated the website with the video, and his passion for what he does is incredible, it brought tears to my eyes listening and watching it. I knew right then that this is who I wanted! I showed my husband and he agreed and that was it we never looked at anyone else. I never wanted the traditional pictures, I wanted unique, different from everyone else and boy did he deliver! Everything about these pictures is incredible.

From the get go, emails where answers straight away and anything we asked we had a quick reply. He met us at the hotel and we immediately felt comfortable, he made us laugh and really did capture those moments that really do matter, the moments you don't even realise are happening until you look at your pictures and think wow, its almost like your living the day all over again! The day goes so fast anyway so being able to look back like this really is such a special thing that we will have forever! We do not have one bad picture. They were everything we asked for and more. We booked 4 hours and we had 1.5 hours before the ceremony which he advised us to do for getting ready. I never realised how important that was until we got our pictures back and the 1.5hrs went by sooooo fast. There was enough time for group formals and newly wed pictures and some of the reception. What we spent for the four hours was money that was so worth spending and I would have spent more. Don't cheap out on your wedding pictures, and think that your family can capture those special moments for you because you will be disappointed, book Moments that Matter, you will not regret it! My only regret is not booking for longer to capture the crazy dancing at our wedding. And 1 more thing, we where able to view our pictures 4 weeks after the wedding! BONUS! I was dying to see them

You shouldn't even second guess Moments that Matter, Lincoln and Silvina are true artists and are amazing at what they do. I will be eternally grateful to them, you will not be disappointed!!

Thank you again Lincoln and Silvina, I hope to come back next year and Trash my Dress!!!

Kayla and Jay x


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