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Moon Palace Cancun Wedding

What an amazing wedding day at Moon Palace with Louise & Stephen!

Louise & Stephen Review:

You did exactly what was said on the tin and more!!!

I've just seen our taster pics of my wedding day at the Moon Palace and if I wasn't putting my son to bed at the time, I would have cried out in joy )))

I have 2 small children (a 2 year old and a 3 month old baby) so on the day I was beginning to feel the pressure but when the time came, there was no need. Link'n arrived and all the stress just melted away - it was brilliant!!!

I had such good fun before my wedding began and afterwards walking round the grounds of the hotel after the ceremony had finished, all thanks to MTM Photography.

Your not a manikin set in one set pose all the time with a constant cheesy grin on your face. A lot of time and energy goes into each of your photos so your day is captured perfectly.

My husband and I really enjoyed having Link'n and his assistant take photos of us and that's so important because we did nothing but non stop smiling, kisses, laughing and lots of posing for 3 hours straight!!. If we could have, we'd have asked them to stay and enjoy them selves as our guests at our wedding but of course MTM are very professional, they took our last photos, said there goodbyes and left. I watched them both leave feeling sad that I may never see either of them again so I cherish the memories Link'n and his assistant helped create that day

Choose MTM Photography and you'll be more then glad that you did.

Thanks guys for being our photographers


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