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Barcelo Maya Palace Wedding

The Barcelo Maya Palace consists of 5 differnt resorts all in the same spot. They can hold upwards of 10 weddings per day across the resort and always have something for everybody! The Barcelo Maya Palace is the most popular of the 5 resorts to hold your wedding and they have multiple spots to hold your ceremony from the beautiful beach front gazebo to the ocean front sandy point! We send our photographers to the Barcelo all the time and you will love your wedding day there!

Yana & Serguei Review: My wife and I got married in April, 2014 in Barcelo Maya Palace of Mayan Riviera. I wanted to write this review to reflect the highest level of professionalism, skill and talent that Lincoln and his partner have. They are unbelievable at photography and really provide the best service and quality. The process of taking pictures is a tiring and demanding process, however Lincoln makes it as smooth as possible by optimizing it. The man has an eye and talent to distinguish himself among many other photographers there. His work is really unique and definitely many, many steps above the work of other photographers there. On top of it, Lincoln is very punctual and delivered on every one of his promises while exceeding expectations. Go with Lincoln and you will not regret.


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