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Azul Beach Wedding - Mayan Riviera

We have been capturing wedding here in the Mayan Riviera since 2009, and it took us 6 years to finally get invited to the Azul Beach for a wedding day! One of the most challenging things we encountered on this wedding day was the bride and groom were super tall! By that I mean she was aprox 6'2 and he was about 6'6! YIKES. We forgot to bring our ladder. Im not joking... sometimes you need to get above your couple to photograph the right angle. haha We made it work and they were awesome to spend the wedding day with. Can't wait to get back to the Azul Beach for another wedding and discover even more amazing locations to capture our beautiful wedding couples. We are so lucky and appreciate living here in the Mayan Riviera and experiencing all these amazing wedding resorts. We don't just end up being your wedding photographer... but your friends by the end of the wedding day. See you soon!


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