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Love in the Snow

We had the oportunity to captured Lauren & Dan for their wedding in the beautiful Mayan Riviera. It was a hot sunny Mexican day here which had a classic 10 minute rain storm at night to add to the romance. Later on in the year... we travelled to Calgary Canada to again capture this wonderful couple for a post wedding -35 winter cold freeze! They held it together the best they could we ice bitten noses and feet for as long as they could. What a contrast of styles shooting a wedding in the Mexican sun and fresh romance in the Canadian cold where equiptment and people were shutting down by the second! Enjoy these timeless images we are so proud to share with you!!!

Dan & Lauren Wedding day Review: Pros: professional, creative andCons: noneWe were referred to moments that matter by a friend who is in the business at home. We contacted Lincoln, he replied to us immediately and started guiding us through the process.His rates were very reasonable, the photographers showed up to the venue early and due to a few delays ie. rain and late guests, they left well past the 5 hours we had booked them for.This was very admirable and we are very thankful that they didn't leave. The photographers showed their priority was to capturing our wedding. Not to go home on time. We could not be more pleased with the whole experience.We received our photos before expected and were incredibly happy. These moments will be treasured for our lifetime and hopefully longer.Thank you to Lincoln and his team of photographers.


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