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Paradisus Wedding

We were finally invited to capture our first wedding at the Paradisus Playa del Carmen! Such and amazing resort located on the outskirts of Playa del Carmen but still walking distance to the famouse 5th Avenue! Our couple had planned a full day for us from getting ready, tests of love for the boys to prove themselves worthy, tea ceremony and multiple group and family pictures! Fantastic day filled with family, friends and love. :-) Congratulations on your beautiful wedding day and hope you enjoy the wedding pictures! Thank you Melany & Alan for your nice words.

Review by Melody & Alan:

"Our photographers were Lincoln and Silvina and they were absolutely the best photographers anyone could have asked for. We were nervous at first since we have never met them or knew what they were like. But the moment the first photo was taken, we knew we chose the right people. We had a total of 90 guests so there were many faces to capture. Both Lincoln and Silvina would climb, sprawl, or do anything to get the right shot. Best of all... They knew when to lead us and when to leave us be and take photos. For most of the time, I even forgot they were there until we received the photos and realized they captured the right moments at the right time. During group photos and solo shots, they were both very vocal in telling us what they wanted and what to do for poses. Just imagine telling 90 people to gather for pictures and doing that for 9+ hours. Even when the time was done for them, they found some spots at the resort that they needed more photos of. They took the time and shot a few more shots and, one in particular, was everybody's most loved picture of us. They're honestly full of energy and smiles. We're so glad to have brought them in and do our photos rather than using the in-house recommendations. They absolutely go above and beyond what you're expecting. You can bet we'll be recommending them to all our friends and family!!"


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