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SHHhhhh.... Secrets Silversands

We captured this up close and personal wedding between Sal & Nicole at the romantic resort Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun! While Sal was quite a character and you could tell, a handful at times, Nicole kept him on track and we were able to record this amazing day for the 2 of the them. There is something so special when you are a wedding photographer and capture 2 person weddings for people. It creates a special bond and takes extra magic to show the candid moments and capture love as if nobody else is there!

Nicole & Sal Review:

Where to begin? My husband and I were married on May 22nd at Secrets Silversands in Riviera Maya. It was just the two of us, as we have a large family and couldn't seem to draw the line of guests anywhere. So we traveled to Mexico for our wedding and Honeymoon all in one, and then had a big party with everybody back home. Pictures have always been an important part of my life bc they put your memories into something you can actually see and hold, so I always knew one of the most important decisions I made on my wedding day, other than the groom, would be my photographer. So as you can tell, even if I had a wedding at home, good pictures would have been important, but ESPECIALLY bc nobody else attended our wedding, GREAT pictures were a necessity so everybody could see what our wedding day was like. Man, did we hit the jackpot! I knew that I wanted to bring an outside photographer into the resort for our wedding, instead of using the resort photographer. Nothing against resort photographers, I was just worried about a language barrier and getting what I wanted. Plus I wanted to see my exact photographers past work, and we didn't know what photographer we would get the day of our wedding bc the resort doesn't promise the one whose work you like. I knew I wanted more candid photos than posed photos and I was finding a lot of posed pics while searching past resort weddings. I happened across Lincoln, during my research, and loved his work. I then mentioned something to my travel agent who told me that a bride she knew that had just gotten back from her wedding in Mexico, used MTM and couldn't say better things about Lincoln and his crew. I knew it was a fit, especially when I contacted him and he immediately replied back (customer service is important to me)! He kept in touch until the day we actually met him, was very organized and everything was perfect the day of. He even told me how excited he was to shoot at Silversands bc he had never been to that property before and he loved to shoot in new areas. Well, the day couldn't have gone better! Him and Nai were on time, friendly and even got me and my husband to open up, laugh, and get comfortable and that is hard to do with people who are uncomfortable with having their picture taken for 3 hours! He had us going all over the resort, he was open to using some ideas I had, while obviously using all of his creative ways. He was on the ground to get good shots, in the surf of the water, anywhere he needed to be. He actually even went over our allotted time by a few minutes to get some great sunset shots. So, we thought we had a great experience then, and we hadn't even seen the pictures yet! He sent me one teaser while we were still in Mexico and my husband and I were blown away! Sal even joked that he wished Lincoln hadn't sent that to me bc I kept looking at it and couldn't stop talking about how much I couldn't wait to see the others! When we got them, only 4 weeks later which is a lot quicker than most wedding pictures I have heard of, we must have looked at them all 10 times in a row right then, and many more times since! They captured so many emotions, so many expressions, so many moments that do matter. I cant tell you how much it means to me to have this day captured forever, and so beautifully, and how much it means to me that so many family and friends told me they felt like they were there after they looked at our pictures. People just go on and on telling us that these are the best wedding photos they have EVER seen! We think so too, but we are partial Thank you so much Lincoln and Nai for being a part of our day and putting these memories into fantastic pictures we can keep forever. I would, hands down, tell anybody who was thinking about booking MTM to think no more and contact them today. Much Love, Nicole & Sal


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