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Abandoned Mansion at Secrets Maroma!

It's not really a secret anymore... but Secrets Maraoma is the home of the abandoned mansion located s short 5 minute walk down the beach. In the last few years security has been posted in front and not allowed couples & photographers to gain access to the rustic mansion to capture a super unique location. We pressed our luck and they were not there when we showed up! We were able to get in 10 minutes before security showed up and escorted us out. Not before we captured some amazing images again from the special location! :-) If you want to get some pictures done in the mansion, be sure to talk with security and try and bribe them with $20 to $50usd to see if they will allow you in. Only pay them when you get there! haha They often change people and their minds when you show up with a photographer. Lincoln at MTM Photography


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