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Excellence Riviera Cancun Wedding Bliss

Excellence Riviera Cancun is an amazing location for your wedding day. Located south of Cancun... this resort has some of the most amazing architecture so there is no need to find the perfect location to capture wedding newlyewd photos! Our wedding day with katherine & Devon was almost rained out... but as you can see by the wedding photography... it was nothing short of a spectacular wedding day!!!!

Katherine & Devon Review:

If you are having any hesitation whatsoever- DON'T!! BOOK THEM NOW!! We just got our photos back today and we're stunned! They are absolutely gorgeous, and we couldn't possibly be happier. They are truly works of art. The only con is i want to frame each and every one!! From day one the communication has been excellent. I never had one worry in the back of my mind- which is exactly what a bride deserves! Every photo captures so much love and emotion, they truly captured our big day Thank you thank you thank you, Lincoln & Alfredo!!


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