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Beloved Hotel Playa Mujeres... Elopement Wedding from England to Mexico

Yvette & Ian eloped from England to come to Cancun Mexico to celebrate their love and amazing wedding day together. Just the 2 of them. Up close and personal! It was truly a few magical hours that we shared with them! As a wedding photographer, I love capturing wedding days like this. The Beloved Hotel, Located just north of Cancun, was an amazing backdrop to celebrate their wedding day. We were able to capture an amazing sunset over the marina before we ended our time with them.

Thank you again for having MTM Studios share your wedding day and elopement, and for trusting us to capture such an amazing milestone in your lives!

Yvette & Ian Review:

These guys are simply fabulous! The photography part was a BIG thing for me (I was a bit of an amateur photographer yet it was the aspect I was most afraid of. i.e the posing part and then getting back pictures where I looked rubbish in them (I have major self confidence issues!!) But Lincoln and his assistant Alfredo have quashed all of those fears and we have the best photo's I could ever wished for! From the onset, the whole experience was brilliant. With quick replies to emails, to taking on board some of the kind of shots playing around with light that I hoped we could capture, and the laughter they gave us on the day, these guys were terrific. Being just the two of us at our wedding, I was worried they'd run out of ways to shoot us in the 3 hours we had them for. But no, they had us running (and tripping over the wedding dress) all over the hotel grounds capturing different images. The couple of shots Lincoln showed me on the camera blew me away, so I knew they would be good! And I wasn't wrong! Since posting them on social media last night, we have had some amazing comments! The most predominant one being (aside from being fabulous photos) is that they are so different to normal run-of-the-mill wedding photo's. And this is exactly what I wanted. Especially when it was just the two of us who were the subjects. The slideshow just takes it to a whole other level and really gives the pictures emotion. I've had people who don't even know us that well say it made them cry!! Seriously, if you are looking for a photographer for your big day in Cancun, you CANNOT go wrong with MTM. I am incredibly fussy when it comes to photography but MTM certainly ticked all the boxes for us! Well done guys and thank you tremendously from the bottom of our hearts for capturing our big day in the most perfect way I could ever imagine!


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