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Secrets the Vine Cancun

What an amazing same sex marriage between to beautiful souls at Secrets the Vine Cancun. As a wedding photographer I am always surprised when people ask me "are you ok with photographing a same sex marraige"? OF COURSE! We beleive as a wedding photographer, we are in the joy and romance business. Ashley & Hunter did not disappoint. This was an up and personal 2 person wedding day and we couldn't be happier with the results

Client Review:

Amazing! I love everything about MTM! I am 110% satisfied with all of my pictures. They are something I will look back on in 20 years and still love just as much as I do today! Brides searching for a photographer, your search is over. I promise you! We got so lucky that we were able to have them for our day, speaking that we waited about two weeks before the wedding to change our first choice and go with someone else. From the moment they come in to your room all the way till they leave. You will feel so beautiful and comfortable. Its just like having friends take your photos that you've know for years. I wouldn't change a single thing about them, besides the fact I wish they were closer so they could do all our events for us in the future! I highly recommend you booking with them asap. Photography was the most important thing on my list for my day. And they over exceeded, my expectations!

ps: Oh one more thing make sure you get Lincoln & silvina. They are a great team, and a couple them selves. The energy they both have makes it even better! MTM will be sure to give you the best photographers you need though. It will all depend on what you are wanting in your pictures, and what is absolutely important to you as a bride and as a couple.


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