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LOVE is in the air at the Finest Playa Mujeres Resort!

Stacie & Sam made The Finest Resort in Playa Mujeres the location for their dream Destination Wedding! What can we say about this unique wedding? It was filled with unique ideas, traditional wedding traditions, games of love all day long. Family & best friends that made it here the Cancun were treated to one of the best weddings of the year!

I do not speak or understand Chinese, but something funny and hilarious was happening during the traditional tea ceremony as the room was constantly filled with laughter! Even if you do not understand the language... you end up laughing with everyone!

Stacie had planned 5 wedding dress changes and each one was more beautiful than the next! Luckily for us, she was quick at going back to the room and changing in to the next color or wedding dress to continue the celebrations! The groomsman had to break their way into the brides room by bribing the bridesmaids with money. Then perform games that tested their strength, character & pride. Sam had to prove his love to Stacie and was finally able to break into her room after he serenaded her with a song outside her door. The entire time Stacie was able to watch the events on the bridesmaids cell phones thanks to Apple Facetime! Such a smart idea! There is so much more to tell you about. The wedding day flew by so fast. Team MTM was there for almost 11 hours but we felt like guests at the wedding and entertained the whole time anticipating to what would happen next! I (Lincoln) even got pulled into a reception game "is it Ming or Sam"? lol The brothers looked like twins and you had to guess from a slideshow who it was! Awesome! Thank you again Stacie & Sam for everything. You were amazing hosts and picked one of the best wedding locations we have captured this year. Enjoy the highlight images.

Lincoln & Team MTM


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