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IT'S TIME!!!! Time to Trash the Dress Cenote Style!

This is the second time in 9 years that I (Lincoln) was not able to attend a wedding! :-( The first time was because I lost my site in my eye and could not see. This time... my wife had gone into labor and 40 hours later, I had to send in my team again to back me up! Raleigh and Thomas were amazed at the package they received.... and almost a year to date on there anniversary, they were back in the Riviera Maya so what better way to make it up to them then to take them on a intimate and unique Cenote Trash the Dress! Their TTD day even included some rain to add to the romance! Thank you again for your understanding and your wedding day will always be celebrated in our family as we welcomed baby Blake into our family! Here are some highlights from their free Trash the Dress photography session! Lincoln & Baby Blake! Raleigh & Thomas Wedding Day Review: Pros: Price , customer service , quality Beforehand and was amazed by the customer service and product . I absolutely despise taking pictures and was really worried about having any decent pictures on our wedding day . The photographers were really fun and made me feel comfortable . We were sad when they left because they were so fun . Some of my getting ready pictures and reception pictures weren't my favorite but I completely attribute that to the fact that myself and my family are difficult subjects to photograph.i can count on one hand the amount of decent photos I had before this day . Our resort had a high outside vendor fee and even with paying that we still spent less and got a better product than the resort offered . We liked them so much were planning on doing an anniversary shoot this summer


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